Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Daughter

IT'S A GIRL!  I just... I'm without words.  I can now put a gender and a name to the little button nose I have fallen in love with! 

We gathered with friends and family this past weekend to celebrate the life that has been given to us and to find out what our precious child will be.  I highly recommend Gender Reveal parties!!  So fun!  We shared the secret with one of our best friends, and budding cake baker, Heidi.  (Click here to see her website!)  It was so hard to not look in the envelope and cheat!  It was a total surprise to us.  The only people in the world that new were the ultrasound technician and Zak and Heidi.  Luckily they only had to keep the secrect for about 24 hours!

The theme for the party was "What will it BEE?" and my mother-in-law did a FABULOUS job putting it all together for us.  We really are so appreciative.  We had a Team Blue and a Team Pink.

Team Blue!

Team Pink!

After the pictures, we went in and played some games (pick the baby's name, guess the actual birth date and birth weight).  And then we cut the cake!

It was PINK! We couldn't be happier!  We actually both thought it was a girl from the beginning, but thought we should split our votes just to be safe.  :)  It's so surreal to know now that we're having a daughter, that her name will be Sarah, and that we already have big plans for our little girl!  (mainly about decor, important stuff here, people!)

I would be remiss if I didn't mention what a night and day difference this weekend was from a year ago the very same weekend.  The very same Sunday of this weekend last year we were mourning the loss of our first child at a family memorial service with pretty much the exact same people in attendance.  And here we are a year later with such joy and laughter and hope.  What a season this year has been and what a testiment to God's grace and renewal that He brings.

I have had this song runnin gthrough my head since Sunday. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


The image of my child wiggling and dancing around inside of me is stuck in my head and leaves me breathless to think about all that is changing.  I'm still amazed that this half pound wiggling (a lot!) being inside of me still can't be felt.  Sometimes I sit really still hoping to feel it.  Sometimes I think I might feel it... but then I don't think I do. I'm ready for the day that I'm CERTAIN!  I can't imagine how that will take my breath away, too!

I'm SO excited to see my family this weekend.  I get a full, normal weekend with my husband and family.  It's been way too long!!  AND we get to find out what Baby Nally will "bee"!  Stay tuned for the announcement!!  :)