Monday, January 7, 2013

Here it Goes Again

Well we survived!  We got up with our alarms, got dressed before the baby got up.  Fed her, and all were out the door before 8am.  I know that may sound silly, but definitely not something we've been used to.  (I know... all of you that do this every day are welcome to groan now...)

Sarah seemed to adjust to daycare mostly well.  I didn't officially shed a tear (though a couple tried to escape), so hopefully it will continue to get easier.  Right now she is one of only two full time children at her day care and the other girl left quite a bit earlier than she did today.  The only thing I don't really like about the day care is that it's so much further from my job than I would like.

The only little issue we had was that she was being extra finicky eating.  She's normally not consistent in her eating, but was extra bad today.  She only had a couple of ounces at her morning feeding, but shortly after lunchtime, guzzled down a bottle and was screaming for more.  They weren't sure if they were able to feed her more or not.  After a couple more ounces she was a much happier baby.  I'm sure that after a few days they will get to know each other's patterns and rhythms and it won't be an issue.

Jim also started a new position.  He is working with Gannett, which owns The Tennessean among many, many other newspapers and other media outlets (such as the Courier-Journal for all my Louisville readers!).  He is currently in their digital advertising department.  He will be helping coordinate ads that will run on their major websites.

I, too, also "started" a new position today.  I use the term started loosely as I mainly just started settling into my new work space and not a ton of work was done.  We have moved desks and offices and work spaces around a lot since Nutcracker ended, and I'm thankful that this should be the last of the moving and settling.  I'm really hoping to be organized and ready to go when the Spring semester starts next week.  I will be working a normal work schedule coming in and opening up the building in the mornings and doing all my selling and promoting and registration of the school during the day and working with those that will be working the night shift and at our Brentwood campus.  I'm excited about the new things that I will get to have a big part of, like our Summer Intensive.  I am so looking forward to how we can continue to refine and better ourselves, our business, and our outreach.

I will post Sarah's 7 month stats here later this week.  I can't believe how fast she's developing and growing. She's really blossoming right before our eyes.

Much love to you all...

1/5/13: My bright and beautiful Sarah.  :)