Monday, December 19, 2011

I May Not Let Go

I have a weariness in my bones.  It's a wonderful, accomplished, "WE DID IT!" weariness.  The kind that comes after a job well done.

I had several trying moments over the last few weeks when people tried and tested my rules to see if they would get in trouble.  There were a lot of stern talks and strict emails.  But at the end when the gifts and notes of thanks came pouring in, and so many parents went and bragged on me to those around them it made it all worth it.

This week is going to be a fabulous week of resting and being with my husband.  Someone I haven't seen as much as normal with this crazy schedule I'm keeping.  I cherish every moment and some times, I don't want to let go.  (But that's probably because we're still in that "honeymoon stage", or so I'm told...  We're going on 3 years now - so how long does that last?)