Monday, October 20, 2014

When I'm With You

Well, folks.  We've reached the third trimester.  I am, admittedly, pretty on edge and constantly questioning every slight sensation, feeling, and pain.  My doctor has been very encouraging of me to be hyper-sensitive to each symptom and discomfort.  We have gone in for a couple unplanned check ups, one was after hours so it took place in the ER, which sounds way more scary than it really was.  So far all the tests and labs are coming in clean and with excellent results.  My doctor is very happy with where I am.

We have started the two week check ups already!  AND, we have scheduled the rest of my appointments, all the way past my due date.  Hard to believe that we're already to this point.  As Sarah would say, "I can't believe it!"  (one of her new phrases!)  This excites me, since I adore my doctor and love seeing her.

My nesting instincts are kicking in pretty hard and I'm trying to get the kid's room ready get some color on the walls.  I have a fun project that I'm working on and I can't wait to share pictures of how it all comes together!

Speaking of kicking, Judah is seriously one active and STRONG little boy.  It makes it difficult to focus on things most days!  He is much stronger than his sister was and is growing big and stronger every day.  When he starts wiggling, I wonder what he's going to be like.  I can't wait to meet him and hold him.

As for other updates - Sarah has spent a week now with both sets of Grandparents over the last month or two.  She did great at both places for the week.  She's such a big and independent little girl.  It was amazing to see the new things she came home saying and doing after being gone for a week.  My new favorite this past week is how she was SO excited to see our cat, Abby.  She kept chasing her saying "So cute!".  They really love each other.  Warms my heart.

Sarah also had an eye doctor appointment this past week.  I am fairly sensitive to her vision, and have notice that she appears cross-eyed in pictures and has now for over a year.  I'm not the only one to notice it, so I know I'm not totally crazy!  I insisted she receive another exam to make sure she didn't need corrective help.  The eye doctor said that, as last time, he believes that the bridge of her nose is just very wide which causes the illusion of being cross-eyed.

October 2014