Thursday, August 14, 2014

It's a BOY

We definitely have had an exciting day today!  We found out that we are expecting a BOY in January.  I am just completely overwhelmed and still coming to understand what that means for our little growing family.

We knew today was the "big" day, so we definitely woke up excited!  We opted not to take Sarah to this one since the ultrasound usually takes a good 30 minutes or more.  I didn't want to have to try and worry about her getting antsy while we were taking a peek.

He was not cooperating very well and was incredibly active.  She was having trouble getting all the views of the heart she needed, but finally was able to manage despite his best attempts to thwart her plans.  She finally got down to the tell tale area, and exclaimed... "Well that's your problem right there!  It's a BOY!"  And there was no mistaking that he was, indeed, a boy.

Jim was completely beaming from ear to ear and I was a little in shock!  Not that I didn't want a boy - I have just not been around many boys... Their energy overwhelms me a little!  However, Jim reminded me that Sarah was a little spitfire, too... and that if I can handle her... Then I can handle a boy.  So true.

We have decided to name him Judah Isaac.  Judah was a name that I kept coming back to and fell in love with the meaning.  Judah means "praise or thanksgiving" in Hebrew.  Isaac means "laughter".  It is our prayer that our son will be filled with laughter and praise all the days of his life.  

8/14/14 - Meet Judah (he's a wiggly one!)