Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas, everyone!  The three of us have had a very relaxing two days at home curled up, mostly in jammies and enjoying each other's company.  We opted not to stress through Christmas Eve and Christmas day due to our crazy work schedules - but we are so very glad we chose this cozy Christmas at home.  We will get to spend a longer period of time at home with family here soon, and we are very excited about that!

Sarah is growing faster than I ever dreamed she would, and this is one of those things I just couldn't see when we were in the hospital with our little 2lb baby girl.  We are so very glad for all the love and support of everyone throughout this year and can't wait to see what the next year holds.  Be watching for some exciting things to come in the Nally household in the days to come!

Christmas Decor changes a bit when you have a little one!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

God Gave Me You

My how time flies!  Six months can change so much.

I find myself thinking of this time of year fondly these days.  It was just a year ago that we knew for sure that we were expecting a little one.  I had a gut feeling at least a week before, but I couldn't confirm it until we got back from our Thanksgiving trip to Florida.  Oh how I wish we had known just a few days earlier so we could have shared the news in person - but alas... I wasn't about to jinx my happy little secret.  I don't think I will ever view Thanksgiving the same again.  We didn't realize that she would be here, in the flesh within just 6 short months from our discovery.  

At this same time of year, we arrive at Sarah's six month "birthday" if you will.  It's so hard to believe my little one is already six months.  We had an excellent doctor's visit on Wednesday.  He said that she was developmentally right up there with a normal six month old, even though she's only the size of a four month old.  She's starting to catch up even more to those at her adjusted age.

Here's where we are at SIX months:

Height & Weight:  She weighed in at 12lbs 9oz (36%), was 24" long (51%), and her head [poor baby] was in the 82%...   She's skinny and top heavy.  I'm sure part of why she's having trouble with the whole balancing/tummy time/sitting up stuff.  The only downside from our doctor's appointment is that we've noticed Sarah crossing her eyes in almost all her pictures.  We're going to another eye doctor appointment next week to make sure everything is a-ok with her eyes.  Though, I'm really not sure what you do for a baby if they have eye issues... Do they have baby glasses?  

Clothing:  She's transitioning from the 3 month clothes to the 6 month clothes.  There are some things in the 3 month range that have been pulled from the rotation, and others that are just starting to look a little tight.  Each day I pull out a new outfit expecting it to be GIANT on her, and am surprised when it fits or is even a little tight.  The Newborn size clothes look SO tiny in the stores these days!

Diapers:  We made the official jump to Size 2s.  I didn't want to wait for accidents to start happening, so we just went ahead and switched.  They don't leave as many marks around her legs like the Size 1s did, which was the main reason why I wanted to switch.

Eating:  We really haven't made any real progress on increasing feeds at this point.  She's still at 4-5oz; with an occassional 6oz bottle.  We did start baby cereal in early November, which was pretty hilarious.  (You can watch our first experience if you click here).  Since then we've started doing a little cereal twice a day.  She's really gotten into it along with trying to grab the spoon if you're not feeding fast enough.  We've tried bananas, peas, and peaches.  So far, peas were the only thing that she actually ate without making a face.  I think the fruits are still a little too smooth for her.  The peas seemed to be closer to the consistency of the cereal.  I think later tonight we're going to try sweet potatoes!  

Sleeping: Night time sleeping is still amazing.  It is incredibly rare to have a night time feeding these days.  And normally she will sleep 10-11 hours at night.  (I know, all you new moms are turning pea green...)  As much as I was excited at my last post, we have slipped back into not sleeping in regular intervals during the day, and honestly I just can't quite figure out what is wrong - to be saved for another post, though...

Quirks:  She has really come to life it seems in the last month or so.  She has really become hands-on with her toys, grabbing, exploring, putting things in her mouth.  She sits in the high chair with us for meals occasionally and is really curious about what we're doing eating.  I feel like she's making connections with it all.  She's gotten really bad about watching the TV if it's on in a room, so we try to not have it on when she's awake and around.  We want to limit her exposure to that for now.  She still loves to watch the fan and loves bath time.  She prefers to ride in the stroller looking out instead of cooped up in her carrier looking at us.  

Sarah's getting so big and starting to be so independent!  It's so hard for me to look back and connect the tiny, helpless being in the isolette to the lively and spirited child that we have today.  

For all those out there that might be going through a NICU experience with a new baby... Please know that it IS just a season, and life does move on and slowly begin to get normal.  We no longer have to explain why our child is so tiny when we go out for dinner.  I just smile and say 6 months, and no one bats an eye.  

11/29/12 - Our non-nap nap... :)  Happy 6 months!