Thursday, October 25, 2012

When Darkness Falls

When Darkness Falls is a song by the duo Jenny & Tyler.  I was introduced to them through my father's radio show Soul2Soul.  If you haven't heard of either of these things, you need to!  The latest Jenny & Tyler album is on constant repeat in my car right now.  It's one of the few things that will help calm Sarah down in the car... Though sometimes it has to be blasted at top volume!  Luckily it calms me down too in those moments where she and I are both at wits end.  The only place I can find to listen to the song online for free is HERE.  So, sorry for the lack of video this time.

While I've been struggling along with my Postpartum issues, I've been quite disconnected.  From family, from friends, from church... and from God really...  My heart is longing to be whole again and to not constantly feel under attack.  I'm continuing to seek treatment from medical professionals in addition to seeking God and His joy that we all know is the ultimate answer.  In this season, this album, and more specifically this song has really helped me find calm in those moments that I feel tossed in the wind.  This is my anthem.

When darkness falls at evening time 
And all the world is still
My heart feels restless, oh my God
It longs to be filled 

Oh Father rescue me from doubt
Deliver me from grief
Let your joy in me abound
Remove my unbelief, remove my unbelief 
I hear the wind rush through the trees
A peaceful whistling sound
But still my soul is not at ease
And sleep cannot be found 

You are stillness, you are quiet
You are comfort and peace