Friday, September 19, 2014

Trust and Obey

I've always wanted to keep this blog a place of honesty and transparency... So I'm going to be honest - this past week has be rough.  Jim was out of town for most of it, which left me on "full time mom, full time employee and full time baby incubator" mode which left little room for any time to really REST.

This week we have also discovered the true meaning of what I'm sure people are trying to describe with the 'terrible twos'.  Most evenings have ended up in uncontrollable meltdowns.  We are at a loss.  It's like a mean game of 'figure out the puzzle', but if you don't figure out the puzzle quick enough then the tear factory will explode.

In spite of this frustrating puzzle, God has been whispering lessons in my ear through all of it...  "Trust and obey."  Sounds pretty simple, right?

Most of Sarah's meltdowns typically start because of one of two reasons.
  • She is directly disobeying a command/directive.
  • She wants to do something by herself and will NOT accept help.
I often found myself saying things like: "You aren't quite big enough for that yet, but you will learn.  Right now, mommy needs to help."  "Trust me, I know how to do it."  "It's bedtime, we can't watch anymore TV."

It makes me question moments in my life that I feel like I'm struggling against something... How often is God whispering, "You're not quite ready for that yet, but give it some time.  Until then, let me help."  Or even, "It's time to move on, you can't do it that way anymore."

If something feels like a struggle and you're straining against the world - take a moment to stop and ask God, "is this really how I'm supposed to do it?  Is this really what you want for me?"  And then just listen.  Read the Word.  He might just be trying to tell you something.