Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lullaby (again...)

So, this is definitely a celebration post!  Hurray!  It's about time for a more upbeat mood in the Nally house.

I went to my doctor last Wednesday, and honestly - it was just talking to someone and having someone tell me what I was doing for my child obviously wasn't working.  I mean, I KNEW we should start getting on a more specific schedule, but I was kind of waiting for it to naturally happen.  It definitely helps that she has a little boy that is just slightly younger than Sarah developmentally - so we're in the exact same boat with baby ages and such.  She and I worked through what was wrong with Sarah and what we could do to fix her schedule so she could be a happier baby... Honestly... probably a conversation my pediatrician should have had with me instead of my OB.  No matter, her getting a little stern with me and telling me that it was crazy how long I was letting her stay up - did the trick.

We entered into what I like to call "nap time bootcamp" on November 1, the day after my appointment.  Almost immediately Sarah went from having to nap in our arms to being willing to lay down for naps in her crib.  We have written out a schedule of very specific times and have stuck to it religiously.  It has done wonders for both of us.  Sarah is a happier, more well adjusted baby - and I'm a lot more sane and actually feel like I can fully concentrate on things one at a time.  While I was working and holding and playing... it all seemed like it had to happen at the exact same time - all in PJs and no shower, because... when your baby wants to be held 24/7, who has time to shower?

Thankfully, I can now fully concentrate on things one at a time.  When she's awake, it's Sarah play time.  When she's asleep it's momma's work time (work or housework or self-care, depending).  It's been much easier for Jim to care for her on the Saturdays that I'm not there because we don't have the screaming tantrums anymore that used to drive both of us crazy.

While it's not perfect... I must say, the few 10 minute crying bouts that happen occasionally are far easier to deal with than the constant fussiness.  She has also started sleeping through the night more and more consistently.  Honestly, I can't really remember the last time she got up in the middle of the night.  I think it's been since early last week.  She goes to bed at 7:30 and doesn't get up until 6am!  We can watch a movie, play a game, clean up dinner, eat in peace... have a little mom and dad time before we crash at.... 9.

I think the hardest part of it all is that her first daily feeding right now happens at 6am.  And honestly... 6am just comes SO early, even though I'm sleeping through the night.  This morning, I will admit that she and I slept in until 7.  I rolled over and realized how late it was!  But she was still sleeping so I didn't feel so bad.  Though, our schedule has been slightly off today, I'm almost back on schedule and it's just now lunchtime.

I've even been able to bring her to work and devote more time in the office on Thursdays.  Today, we're trying out going through 2 full naps here in the office in the pack-n-play.  The first one seems to be successful so far!  When she wakes up, I have a little play mat here for her to play on and help entertain herself while I continue being productive.  This will bring my actual "in office" time to almost 3 full days a week which definitely helps me to keep my life a little more compartmentalized and be able to be fully wherever I am.

Well... my break is over and I should get to work now that I know she is indeed asleep in there!

11/8/12: Sleeping at momma's office!

Friday, November 2, 2012

You Are My Sunshine

Happy 5 months to my little girl!  Ok... so it was 4 days ago, but I definitely have been working hard this week - so Sarah and I are taking a slightly leisurely morning before the madness of my weekend kicks in!  It's the big Nutcracker casting reveal weekend, so I'm busy finalizing schedules and packet contents - making copies, stuffing, sorting... Making sure everything is as accurate and informative as possible.  WHEW!  All for almost 200 kids.  It's a big job.  But it's my big annual fall puzzle that I absolutely love.

Sarah and I went to the doctor on Halloween morning.  She now weighs 11 pounds 4 ounces!  My BIG girl!  She started rolling over a week or so ago, completely out of the blue.  I set her down for tummy time and was so impressed with how well she was pushing up, that I grabbed the camera.  So glad I did!  Within 20 seconds of starting a video, she had completely rolled over for the first time.  She did it several times and for several days afterwards.  The last few days have seemed to revert back to her face planted in the blanket and not knowing how to do anything.

Right now our biggest battle is working out a CONSISTENT schedule.  My biggest source of frustration, anger, and depression seems to be stemming out of inconsistency and when things don't work out smoothly.  I'm finding that I need to be much more methodical in how I approach feeding and naptime to help Sarah be a happier baby and me to be a happier momma.  We are in the middle of naptime bootcamp right now.  Trying to learn what naptime is - what the signs that it's time to sleep is - when it's ok to get up... all of that.  I need her to know the boundaries as well as me and everyone else caring for her.  Please pray with us as we struggle through some difficult naptimes!

One thing that we are very blessed with is that Sarah has been more and more consistently sleeping through the night!  Hallelujah!  When she sleeps through the night, she will sleep up to 11 hours at a time, which is AMAZING.  It gives Jim and I some time to watch a show, or chat or play a game or even just eat dinner without juggling a baby around and then still get a decent night's sleep.  Every few nights she'll still get up between 3-5am.  But even those feedings are usually quick and painless.

Here's where we are at FIVE months:

Height & Weight:  She weighed in at 11lbs 4oz.  They didn't measure her length at the doctor this time.  I'm going to have to break out the measuring tape and figure it out myself, I believe.  She is now in the 32% in weight of babies born at her due date.  And her head is in the 66% of babies born at her due date.

Clothing:  She is most certainly in the 3 month sizes.  Some of the 3 month clothes are even starting to be too tight on her while some of the 0-3 month clothes are still too big!  She has a 3-6 month sleeper that she mostly fits in already as well... 

Diapers:  We are teetering between Size 1 and Size 2.  Technically (according to the package), Size 2 starts at 12lbs.  But they seem to fit her pretty well.  The Size 1s are starting to leave red marks around her legs like they're too tight.  I think after we use up what's open, we'll move on in size!

Eating:  Right now she's eating 4-5 oz of formula at a time.  It can be anywhere from 2.5-3 hours usually before she needs to eat again.  We're working on stretching that out slightly to be consistent at 3 hours and working on increasing her amounts.  That way she will nap better and sleep better.  The doctor has oked us to start trying baby cereal and fruits and vegetables!  We haven't tried anything just yet.  I'm wanting to make sure we find a time that we can take our time with it and both Momma and Daddy are here to take pictures and experience it together

Sleeping:  She's doing great at sleeping at night!  Up to 11 hours - though naptimes are our big nemesis.  Naptime bootcamp has begun!

Quirks:  We find her in the corner of her crib most mornings.  It seems she likes to travel and move as much as possible!  She easily smiles at people and at things she finds funny.  Her laughs are still reserved for mornings and most usually with Momma.  Though, occasionally she'll start laughing during a bottle, which I find terribly cute.  We're working on being more consistent with holding our head up and rolling over.  She's also doing well at sitting up when supported - though she's a long way off from sitting up on her own.  

10/29/12: 5th Month Birthday!!