Thursday, May 29, 2014

I Get To Be The One

My sweet Sarah,

Today, you turn 2.  I regularly think back to the day you were born.  It was the day a dark cloud rolled in over our home and stayed for the next 7 weeks, as we both fought for our lives.  As much as I wanted that beautiful, full term, glowing, all smiles delivery you see on TV, God gave me something so much more special.  He gave me you, and your amazing testimony that day.  You and I both walked through those dark valleys together with your daddy.  We found God in those moments and continue to see Him every day as we remember back to that valley we came through.

From the start you were a fighter.  You had your own schedule.  You were your own person.  You were determined.  You were aware.  These same qualities still hold true today.  It's amazing to watch you grow and, even more fascinating to see the ways you stay the same.  Through every season of life your tenacity, confidence and courage shine through.

Right now in life, you are learning how to speak in sentences and let us know what you want.  Branching out from the "more" and "peeese" (please).  You love to grab my car keys, jump on your toy car and tell me that you're going shopping.  You adore "Stuffins" and "Fia" (Doc McStuffins and Sofia the First for the non-toddler crowd!)  You love playing tea party and serve the best cups of tea.  You also love carrying around dolls and animals with a blanket and pillow and make them go "night night" all over the house.  Your favorite place is on the kitchen floor as we're trying to cook or clean.  :)

My love, you are such a joy and a blessing.  I wouldn't trade any moment that I have been able to spend with you.  You are unique, beautiful and so very smart.  You are so very special to your daddy and me.  Hope you have a fabulous birthday.

Momma (& Daddy!)

Through birthdays and broken bones
I'll be there to watch you grow
I get to be the one...